Tallinn Bay Boating

The sea. Iridescent. Mysterious. Unpredictable. Now bewitching and calm, a moment later rough and treacherous. A friend to those that know and respect it, fatal to those that misjudge it. Throughout the times, man has endeavored to get along with the sea. The sea has fed people and inspired them. At the same time, laws of nature, preserved for thousands of years, and long-standing traditions still apply at sea, to be reckoned with regardless of the consistently developing modern technologies.

A complicated journey calls for a worthy guide. A good sailing instructor must not only have knowledge in their back pocket but also experience from calm as well as stormy waters. Thus an ex-marine combined his sturdy theoretical background, versatile seafaring experience and extensive nautical mileage to provide professional sailing instruction. So it was that the pleasure craft skipper training center Tallinn Bay Boating was born.